Dog Training Pittsburgh

Dog TrainingIs your dog driving you crazy with behavior problems?

This is why dog owners come to “Sit Means Sit Pittsburgh “. They want to fix these issues as quickly as possible and make sure their home is care free with their long lasting friend.We offer a variety of training programs to help make you and your dog live happier lives. Regardless of whether you want to housebreak a puppy or train your hard to control your dog, we have the experience needed to help you maintain control.

Our dog training methods are easy, fast, fun and most importantly effective. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, therefore our programs are always personalized and specifically designed for each individual dog and their owner.

We train your dog and coach you on…

  • Body Language
  • Tone Inflections
  • Correct Praising Methods
  • Proper Leash Management
  • Correct Commanding Of Your Dog

We will train your dog to listen every time, to stop any negative behaviors and to live in perfect harmony with their human family. We know that your dog is a big part of your family and as such we go above and beyond to give you success for all your dog training needs.No matter how old your dog is, we can help. All breeds, all sizes. We do it all. Best of all, if you want, we will come to you, where the dog lives.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We offer guaranteed results
  • All training is done without treats, clickers, or static collars
  • Many years of combined dog training experience, columnist advice, and mentor ship
  • Thousands of people have trusted us with their dogs, why wouldn’t you?
  • Friendly, clean and professional staff.

Our business model and philosophy has led us to provide our clients two different levels of training for dogs and owners, depending upon the role your dog will play in your life and, if appropriate, that of your family.We define those different levels of training in terms that will be readily recognizable towards the level of discipline required to function in each category. The levels are:

Companion Training Protection Training

Please contact us today at (412) 345-1748 for more information and a free evaluation. We are so excited to give you and your dog our knowledge, help and support. You will see results right from the very first class.