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Dog Training

Dog Training

We offer a variety of training programs to help make you and your dog live happier lives. Regardless of whether you.

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Group Dog Training

Group Dog Training

Group dog training classes uses a structured approach to build and expand the foundations of your dog’s behavior.

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In Home Dog Training

In Home Dog Training

Because many behavior issues are most effectively addressed in your own home. Private Sessions.

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I have a yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix named Lola – she is about 70 pounds and 19 months old. Lisa came to my house over the summer to give lessons and Lola loved her and her dog Copper. Lola is very friendly, loves all dogs and people. But she does have a stubborn streak and using the Sit Means Sit collar and training techniques Lisa taught us has helped immensely with controlling the stubbornness.

One thing that you have to understand is that YOU have to make the time to practice the techniques with your dog on a continual basis. My schedule is hectic and Lisa worked around that, but I also had to make sure to take 10 – 15 minutes every day and repeat the lessons with Lola.

She walks very nicely on a leash now, stops and comes when I call her, and practices the “place” command just about anywhere – I think that is her favorite. I would love to be able to come to group classes but just have not been able to fit it into my schedule. Lisa brought her dog, Copper, over a few times and worked with keeping Lola’s attention while another dog was there.

I know of other people who have had trainers come to their house and their dog still does not respond they way they want. I would highly recommend Lisa and Sit Means Sit to teach you and your pet valuable techniques.




I would highly recommend Sit Means Sit. My dog, Charlie, responded very well. The area I see the biggest improvement is off leash. We take her to dog parks frequently, and before this training she completely ignored my husband and I as soon as she entered the gate. Now, she responds even from a distance. If there is an aggressive dog we want her to stay away from, or just when we are ready to leave, she comes as soon as we call her.

A few weeks ago we took Charlie to a dog event where Lisa had a booth. My husband and I felt comfortable with letting Charlie off her leash, and she rand a played with Lisa’s dog. Even though there were lots of people and other dogs around, Charlie was well behaved and still came when we called her. Having her off leash at an event like that, before this training, was something I never would have imagined.

Lisa has been great, and really works with you to help your specific needs. Walking on a leash was another challenge I had with Charlie, so Lisa agreed to come on a walk with us, on the same route I take every day. This way, we encountered the same distractions that I deal with when taking Charlie on a walk, and Lisa was able to walk through how to deal with them.




Rae is an English Pointer mix who was adopted in August 2012. She’s about 77 pounds and is very stubborn for me, much more so than for my husband. We also have a Collie mix and a black Lab. One of the issues we had with Rae was finding her position in the “pecking order” with the other dogs. Rae liked to “bully” my black Lab when they were running up and down the fence, sometimes she would become defensive and snap at my Lab.

Rae would also sit in the middle of the yard when I called the dogs to come in the house – she would look right at me and not move when I called her name. I had to get her leash and go out to bring her in to the house.

I found Sit Means Sit at the Home & Garden Show in March 2013. I signed up for the free demo. I was nervous about the collar when Lisa came to the house, but once I felt it and saw how well Rae responded, now the collar is great. Lisa is an extremely helpful and caring trainer. Rae loves her to pieces. Lisa was able to offer helpful solutions to problems that have popped up from time to time. I have seen improvement in Rae – she gets excited when she sees the collar.

Its is still a training process but it is on the right path. It’s amazing what 10-15 minutes of training and group classes did/does for my stubborn Rae. It is so very well worth doing this training with Lisa and Sit Means Sit. I would and do refer Sit Means Sit to anyone and everyone who has a dog and wants to do training.

We’ll soon be starting with my black Lab, Jax, to help him learn to walk nicely on the leash, rather than pull constantly – this is how wonderful I think the training is.




Dookie is a very sweet 4 year old black Lab/Shepherd mix, who is aggressive around other dogs, especially when he is on a leash. We started working with Lisa in October 2013 and I immediately noticed a big improvement. We live in the North Hills, so it’s quite a hike to get to the South Hills for classes, but it’s definitely worth it. Lisa is outstanding and I am now able to walk around our neighborhood without being on high alert, like I’m looking for a bomb or something. Gosh it was stressful.

Dookie is listening to me much better and he absolutely knows what he’s supposed to do – Lisa has taught him that. He still forgets sometimes and we have more work to do, but like I say, we’ve only been working with Lisa for a short time. She has done spectacular things with him in that time. I actually had the courage to take him to Petsmart last weekend, just to walk around and practice with other dogs. He did very well.

I would absolutely recommend Sit Means Sit and especially Lisa. We have signed up for a year of classes and my goal is for Dookie to pass the Therapy Dog test. I actually wish Lisa had more classes that we could attend.

(Stay tuned for Dookie’s continued progress)


Bruno is a sweet, loving and very determined Great Dane.  He thinks that he is a guard dog and his main job is to protect the house, yard, car and family.   This is not an easy trait to deal with in any dog, but Bruno’s size made things more difficult.  I had a hard time letting people in the house and yard, and I was scared for people that had to walk past the house or car.

One week with Sit Means Sit and everything has changed.  I still have a sweet and loving dog, but one that is determined to please the people around him.  Now, instead of being afraid to walk past the fence, the neighbors come in the yard to play.  Walks are pleasant now since I don’t have to worry about him growling at everyone that stops to talk to us.  Inside the house he is a much calmer and happier boy.

Bruno has been to many training classes and they have helped with basic commands.  Bruno had issues that basic commands were not going to fix.  I knew within minutes of meeting Lisa that she would be able to help Bruno.  She had him walking loose leash within five minutes and his undivided attention throughout the whole meeting.  Lisa is amazing and I recommend her and the Sit Means Sit program to everyone.

Sit Mean Sit has made learning fun for Bruno.  He gets all excited when I turn his collar on.  My life is easier.  I now have a dog that listens and one that I really enjoy spending time with.